City Set to Enter Race for Summer’s Ultimate Prize

Date: 6th May 2015 at 5:43 pm
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Manchester City are reportedly prepared to propose a bid for the highly coveted Juventus stud, Paul Pogba.

Pogba is arguably the greatest prize on the market this summer, and just about every quality team in Europe are interested in the 22-year-old star.

Sources in Italy are reporting that City will enter the bidding war for Pogba, with the current starting price set at £45m by PSG.

Pogba would be the ideal midfielder for Manuel Pellegrini. The Blues have been highly disappointed with their current centre mid-fielder, YaYa Toure. All of the evidence points to Toure leaving this summer, which would open up a spot that Pogba would fill beautifully.

The final price for Pogba could be very steep. Reports indicate that Pogba’s agent is looking to drive the price for the mid-fielder up to £75m before the dust settles.

The Frenchman is as dynamic as it gets at the midfield position. He is fast, strong, intelligent and possesses a unique nose for the football. He has blossomed at Juventus and is now looking to cash in on his production.

Pogba’s output at Juventus has been impressive. So impressive that he has the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, Manchester City and Chelsea, among others, deseperately looking to aquire his signiture.

Sources have indicated that Pogba has already met in person with PSG, Madrid and Barcelona.

Pogba will certainly use this abundance of interest to drive up the price. There will be an explosive bidding war for the former Man United player, and the winner of the bidding frenzy will need to pay a pretty penny to acquire the star mid-fielder.

Machester City have ambitions to join the race for Pogba, but they will need to drop a lot of money on him in order to do it. On paper, the match looks great. Bringing Pogba back to the Premier League would do wonders for City, especially because they will be in need of a midfielder after Toure’s exit.

The price will be steep, but if Pellegrini is able to capture Pogba, City will feature a much improved midfield next season.

Pogba paired with David Silva in the midfield while Sergio Aguero mans the top of the attack? That potential combination should have all City fans salivating.

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