City Keeper: We Must Improve

Date: 19th May 2015 at 9:37 am
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Manchester City must improve next season according to Joe Hart.

City’s keeper has been adamant that finishing second is not good enough for a team with a payroll as extravagant as the Blues.

Amazingly, City find themselves in a position where they are striving to finish as runners up. Chelsea have already secured their spot as Premier League Champions, and the battle now is for second place.

Manuel Pellegrini’s side have been playing excellent football of late.

Last weekend’s 4-2 triumph over Swansea City marked the fifth straight victory for the club and they now look like the team who won the Premier League last year.

However, the Blues have turned it on too late.

City look to be a shoe-in to finish second, but Joe Hart believes the Blues need to do better next year. Hart said in an interview,

“If we don’t win we want to be in the next place, and we want to be in finals.

“But second is not good enough for us. That is the standard we set, and that is not me being negative.

“With the funding we have, and the way we are as a team, we have to challenge for longer and we have to go further in the cups, and haven’t.”

With billionaire owners in control of the team, City will have plenty of money to spend this summer.

Improvements must be made for the Blues to find their way to the top again next season.

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