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Date: 6th July 2013 at 10:26 am
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Manuel Pellegrini

This week, the excellent InsideCity video series continued with a clip following Manuel Pellegrini around as he spent his first day at City, beginning with the moment he left the airport.
Whilst very little of any note actually happened, it was still an interesting snippet into the inside machinations of the club. You do wonder however how happy our new manager was to be photographed and filmed during every moment of the day. I half expected a clip under a toilet door showing a pair of trousers around ankles. I’m not sure I could put up with that level of intrusion all the time, and Pellegrini had the look of a man wearing a forced smile.
After all, no doubt he is keen just to get on with his job. Arriving in a new country at a new club is a tiresome and stressful process, and the sooner he is settled the better. How nice of our owners though to provide him with over a week of beautiful weather. I hope Pellegrini doesn’t think this is normal.

The big news however at City hasn’t yet been announced and it is creating more anguish amongst the City faithful. You see, last week City made it clear (via yet another email) that City had a “big July Announcement”. This was manna from heaven for those City fans that like to spend every waking minute speculating on future City-related occurrences, mostly transfer-linked. Every possibility has been discussed. A stadium expansion. A huge transfer unveiling. Maybe even a new range of pies. Anger grew however when City failed to make this BIG JULY ANNOUNCEMENT by the close of play on July 1st (a.k.a. midnight). Yet again the club were treating their fans like scum.
And now it’s July 5th, and still not a word from the club, and there are only 25 days left in the month.

The announcement, when it comes, will be about something that I consider a lovely touch by the club, a GOOD THING. It’s something no other club has done to the best of my knowledge, and is pretty exciting. Rest assured however, that after the announcement, a minority of vocal City fans will whinge and moan because the club had built up this BIG ANNOUNCEMENT and as it turned out it wasn’t the unveiling of Lionel Messi, free season tickets for all for life, or heated, padded seats and free beer in the South Stand. Of course the fact that the impending announcement has only been built up due to idle speculation on message boards has escaped most of these fans, but never mind. Fans will just have to put up with transfers being announced the normal way, normal seats, and various other unique opportunities and privileges that no other City owner has ever offered. It’s a hard life.

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