More racist abuse for Balotelli

Date: 12th June 2012 at 2:09 pm
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Mario Balotelli has been subjected to racist abuse, as Spanish fans made monkey chants at the Italy striker during the Group C clash between the sides on Sunday night.

A host of unsavoury incidents have blighted Euro 2012 so far, with both the Netherlands national side and Theodor Gebre Selassie of Czech Republic being targeted for racial abuse.

The latest example came when 200-300 La Roja fans made monkey sounds towards the Manchester City forward whilst he was in possession against the world champions.

The Daily Mail spoke to an impartial onlooker who was present in the crowd, who confirmed that the incidents happened.

“I was sat behind the goal with all the Spanish fans behind me and they were involved in monkey chanting and laughter and mockery whenever Balotelli was on the ball,” Chris Brunskill, a 35-year-old from Liverpool revealed to the newspaper.

“The ringleaders were two fans who were in fancy dress as Spanish tennis player Rafa Nadal. But the stewards just seemed to think it was a laugh, and they did nothing. They seemed to think it was a giggle.

“These two were at the centre of it in my view but there were hundreds in the Spanish section joining in. I would say there were around 200-300 who joined in at times. It was especially bad when Balotelli was involved in any kind of trouble or altercation, for example when he was booked,” he concluded.

Balotelli had stated before the tournament that he would walk off the pitch if he was targeted by racist fans.

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