The Tevez dilemma

Date: 28th February 2012 at 1:54 pm
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If the rumours about Carlos Tevez playing again for Manchester City are true, it could be a real headache for Roberto Mancini. Would he play the man who refused to play and to do the job he is paid to do – or would he leave out a man that gives 100% in every game he plays and is a prolific goalscorer? Roberto Mancini has a big decision to make.

Lets look at the reasons for and against

Why Carlos Tevez should play again for Manchester City:

1. He always gives 100% – Everyone knows that when Carlos Tevez plays he doesn’t stop running and will chase every lost cause. Unlike some of the current players at Manchester City, Tevez doesn’t rest on his laurels. He uses every game as an opportunity to prove himself to the fans and everyone else how good he is, even though we all know his talents.

2. He is their ex-captain – Because of Tevez’s leadership skills, he commands respect. He may not be treated the same way by his team-mates when he returns, but he can still help Vincent Kompany to lead the team and help show everyone why he used to be the captain.

3. He is a great goalscorer – Tevez has scored 52 goals in 84 games. Pretty good record. Tevez is always a goal-scoring threat and can score from most chances. Every team needs someone who finishes off their chances and he can do that.

Why Carlos Tevez shouldn’t play for Manchester City again:

1. He has the wrong attitude – Refusing to play and refusing to do their job is completely stupid and how Tevez has kept his place in Manchester City’s team amazes me. Yes he has apologized, which is always the first step to go, but he didn’t do his job and then he disappeared to Argentina for a few months, abandoning his club and his position of trust.

2. Would he be picked? – With Sergio Aguero, Edin Dzeko and Mario Balotelli as striking options at Man City, Mancini would rather opt for them rather than Tevez, seeing as the other three know where the goal is and Mancini has obvious problems with him.

3. His team-mates might not respect him – While his team-mates have been mounting a Premier League title challenge, Tevez has been in Argentina, playing golf and lounging around the beach. Will his team-mates have the same respect they had for him before?

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